The money we have is the means to liberty; that which we pursue is the means to slavery.

—Jean-Jacques Rousseau, c. 1770

We get a deal o’ useless things about us, only because we’ve got the money to spend.

—George Eliot, 1860

No nation was ever ruined by trade.

—Benjamin Franklin, 1774

Yes to a market economy, no to a market society.

—Lionel Jospin, 1998

Beautiful credit! The foundation of modern society.

—Mark Twain, 1873

Money speaks sense in a language all nations understand.

—Aphra Behn, 1677

Trade is a social act.

—John Stuart Mill, 1859

A merchant may, perhaps, be a man of an enlarged mind, but there is nothing in trade connected with an enlarged mind.

—Samuel Johnson, 1773

Wants keep pace with wealth always.

—Timothy Titcomb, 1859

Peace is a natural effect of trade.

—Montesquieu, 1748

Profit is profit even in Mecca.

—Nigerian proverb

Some people make stuff; other people have to buy it. And when we gave up making stuff, starting in the 1980s, we were left with the unique role of buying.

—Barbara Ehrenreich, 2008

One man’s loss is another man’s profit.

—Michel de Montaigne, c. 1580