There is much difference between imitating a good man, and counterfeiting him.

- Benjamin Franklin, 1738

You can put wings on a pig, but you don’t make it an eagle.

- Bill Clinton, 1996

If you find excrement somewhere in the village, the chief was the one who put it there.

- Congolese proverb,

Grow your tree of falsehood from a small grain of truth.

- Czeslaw Milosz, 1946

Cheating is more honorable than stealing. 

- German proverb,

Alongside all swindlers the state now stands there as swindler-in-chief.

- Jacob Burckhardt, c. 1875

Anyone who’s never experienced the pleasure of betrayal doesn’t know what pleasure is.

- Jean Genet, 1986

Men were born to lie, and women to believe them.

- John Gay, 1728

Children and fools cannot lie. 

- John Heywood, 1546

Credulity forges more miracles than trickery could invent.

- Joseph Joubert, 1811

In most cases men willingly believe what they wish.

- Julius Caesar, 52 BC

And, after all, what is a lie? ’Tis but the truth in masquerade.

- Lord Byron, 1822

Someone who knows too much finds it hard not to lie.

- Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1947