Tell us your phobias and we will tell you what you are afraid of.

—Robert Benchley, 1935

Fear is a poor guarantor of a long life.

—Marcus Tullius Cicero, 44

An ugly sight, a man who’s afraid. 

—Jean Anouilh, 1944

The basis of optimism is sheer terror.

—Oscar Wilde, 1891

Suffering has its limit, but fears are endless.

—Pliny the Younger, c. 108

The man in constant fear is every day condemned.

—Publilius Syrus, c. 50 BC

Fear is the foundation of most governments. 

—John Adams, 1776

I wants to make your flesh creep.

—Charles Dickens, 1837

People react to fear, not love—they don’t teach that in Sunday school, but it’s true.

—Richard Nixon, 1975

I am a living symbol of the white man’s fear.

—Winnie Mandela, 1985

Fear has a smell, as love does.

—Margaret Atwood, 1972

Worry over what has not occurred is a serious malady.

—Solomon ibn Gabirol, 1050

War is fear cloaked in courage. 

—William Westmoreland, 1966