Russian author Anton Chekhov.

Anton Chekhov

(1860 - 1904)

While studying medicine at Moscow University, Anton Chekhov supported his family by working as a journalist and a writer of comic sketches. By 1888 he had produced a larger body of work than he did during his subsequent literary career as the author of such works as “Ward No. Six,” Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard.

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If they prescribe a lot of remedies for some sickness or other, it means that the sickness is incurable.

—Anton Chekhov, 1904

Voices In Time

1883 | Moscow


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Voices In Time

1898 | Bakumovka

We Happy Few

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Voices In Time

1891 | Caucasus


Anton Chekhov on a hopeless position.More


It is said that Anton Chekhov’s last words were, “It’s been a long time since I’ve had champagne.” He died in Badenweiler, Germany, in 1904, and his body was transported back to Moscow in a refrigerated railcar marked fresh oysters.

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