French Camel Corps, Tunisia, 1943. Photograph by Robert Capa. © Robert Capa © International Center of Photography / Magnum Photos.

Rivalry & Feud

Volume XI, Number 4 | fall 2018


“Against the fashionable (and idiotic) claim that revenge is just hardwired and an instinctual response programmed into our genes and neuro-structures,” argues law professor William Ian Miller in an analysis of Njál’s Saga, “actual Icelandic feuding” rather “made it preferable for revenge to be served up cold; take your time and think. Only the stupid hit back right away.”

The men of today are born to criticize; of Achilles they see only the heel.

—Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, 1880



Love Is Dead


Woman announces she is divorcing her pirate ghost husband.


Man sues wife for adultery with a ghost.


The World in Time

Alan Rusbridger

Lewis H. Lapham talks with Alan Rusbridger, author of Breaking News: The Remaking of Journalism and Why It Matters Now. More