Detail of the center panel of The Garden of Earthly Delights triptych, by Hieronymous Bosch, c. 1500. © Prado, Madrid / Bridgeman Images.


Volume IX, Number 4 | fall 2016

A Perishable Commodity

Lewis H. Lapham

Sodom, LLC

Lucy Ives

Reinventing Sex

Peter von Ziegesar

Body and Soul

Noga Arikha



Voices In Time

Power Up

1748 | Leiden

Man Made

1437 | Florence

Market Research

c. 1082 | Tabaristan

Mirror, Mirror

1921 | Tevershall

Pick Your Nose

1887 | Rochester, NY

Body Politic

c. 1200 | Denmark

Indecent Exposure

c. 303 | Sicca Veneria

Course of Nature

1856 | Brooklyn, NY

Cutting-Room Floor

1906 | Chicago

Omnivore’s Dilemma

c. 60 | Boeotia

Preparing the Fish

c. 1843 | Indian Ocean

Good Vibrations

1908 | Wrentham, MA

Dinner Theater

1773 | New Zealand

Skin and Bones

1684 | London

Bosom Buddies

1652 | England

Charts and Graphs



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U.S. secretary of agriculture Sonny Perdue meets with German minister of food and agriculture Christian Schmidt, 2017.


Equal Climates


U.S. Department of Agriculture bans words related to climate change.

350 BC:

Aristotle denies that the climate is changing.


The World in Time

Roger D. Hodge

Lewis H. Lapham talks with Roger D. Hodge, author of Texas Blood: Seven Generations Among the Outlaws, Ranchers, Indians, Missionaries, Soldiers, and Smugglers of the Borderlands. More