Maxim Gorky

(1868 - 1936)

Sculpture bust of Greek historian Herodotus.


(c. 484 BC - c. 425 BC)

Luís Bernardo Honwana

Black and white photograph of former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation J. Edgar Hoover.

J. Edgar Hoover

(1895 - 1972)

Pope Innocent IV

Pope Innocent IV

(1195 - 1254)

Ha Jin

Black and white photograph of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung seated with legs crossed.

C.G. Jung

(1875 - 1961)


(c. 60 - c. 130)

Artist rendering of Hindu statesman and philosopher Kautilya.


(c. 350 BC - c. 300 BC)

Henry Kissinger. Photograph by Marion S. Trikosko.

Henry Kissinger

Lewis Lapham at his desk

Lewis H. Lapham

John le Carré


(c. 59 BC - c. 17)

Naguib Mahfouz

(1911 - 2006)

Hilary Mantel (© WENN Ltd./Alamy Stock Photo)

Hilary Mantel

black and white photo of Groucho Marx wearing glasses and smoking a cigar from the side of his mouth

Groucho Marx

(1890 - 1977)

Black and white image of English philosopher and political theorist John Stuart Mill.

John Stuart Mill

(1806 - 1873)

French general and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon Bonaparte

(1769 - 1821)

Anaïs Nin

(1903 - 1977)

Former President of the United States Richard Nixon.

Richard Nixon

(1914 - 1994)

American television critic Emily Nussbaum.

Emily Nussbaum

Lawrence Osborne

Alicia Partnoy

Photograph of American short-story writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar Allan Poe

(1809 - 1849)