German philosopher and music critic Theodor Adorno.

Theodor Adorno

(1903 - 1969)

English cook and author Isabella Mary Beeton.

Isabella Mary Beeton

(1836 - 1865)

American comedian, writer, and director Louis C.K.

Louis C.K.

Chinese-American journalist Leslie T. Chang.

Leslie T. Chang

English writer Geoffrey Chaucer.

Geoffrey Chaucer

(c. 1342 - 1400)

Russian author Anton Chekhov.

Anton Chekhov

(1860 - 1904)

American documentary filmmaker and writer Eleanor Coppola.

Eleanor Coppola

Polish-born French physicist Marie Curie.

Marie Curie

(1867 - 1934)

American writer Lydia Davis.

Lydia Davis

Swiss writer, philosopher, and television presenter Alain de Botton.

Alain de Botton

Italian literary critic and novelist Umberto Eco.

Umberto Eco

(1932 - 2016)

American writer and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich.

Barbara Ehrenreich

American poet Robert Frost.

Robert Frost

(1874 - 1963)

American singer and songwriter Woody Guthrie.

Woody Guthrie

(1912 - 1967)

German writer, composer, and painter E. T. A. Hoffmann.

E.T.A. Hoffmann

(1776 - 1822)

American author, essayist, and editor Donovan Hohn.

Donovan Hohn

French art historian and member of the French Resistance Agnès Humbert.

Agnès Humbert

(1894 - 1963)

American abolitionist and author Harriet Jacobs.

Harriet Jacobs

(1813 - 1897)

American animator, writer, and director Mike Judge.

Mike Judge

Professor of critical theory and cultural history Ben Kafka.

Ben Kafka

Edwin Lefèvre

(1871 - 1943)

American playwright and author David Mamet.

David Mamet

British writer Bernard Mandeville.

Bernard Mandeville

(1670 - 1733)

American musician Charles Mingus.

Charles Mingus

(1922 - 1979)