Maxim Gorky

(1868 - 1936)

Orphaned at a young age, the author Maxim Gorky was sent to find work at the age of eight and was beaten by many of his employers. His experiences provided him the settings for various early works and led him to change his name from Peshkov to Gorky, meaning “bitter.”

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Voices In Time

1907 | Moscow

Not by Liberty but by Fear

“They do not believe in God, they do not go to church, they dress poorly, but they are civil in their manners.”More

An honest man is all right even if he’s an idiot…but a crook must have brains.

—Maxim Gorky, 1902

God is a complex of ideas formed by the tribe, the nation, and humanity, which awake and organize social feelings and aim to link the individual to society and to bridle the zoological individualism.

—Maxim Gorky, 1913

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