Photograph of German sociologist and political economist Max Weber.

Max Weber

(1864 - 1920)

Writing his doctoral and postdoctoral theses on medieval trading companies and on ancient Rome’s agrarian history, respectively, Max Weber became a professor at the University of Berlin in 1893; suffered a nervous breakdown in 1898; and traveled to the St. Louis World’s Fair to give a lecture in 1904, the same year he began publishing his best-known work, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.

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Voices In Time

1904 | Heidelberg

Economy Class

Max Weber on the spirit of capitalism.More

Voices In Time

1904 | Heidelberg

Waste Not

Max Weber on Puritans and the glorification of labor.More

Voices In Time

1917 | Munich


“To be superseded scientifically is not our fate, but our goal.”More

Voices In Time

1918 | Munich

Unbroken Spirit

Max Weber on the necessity of heroes in politics.More

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