(69 - c. 130)

Suetonius is the author of Lives of the Caesars, short biographies that chronicle, among other events, the reforms of Augustus, the deformity of Claudius, and the depravity of Caligula. He is also credited with the now-lost books On Notable Prostitutes and On Bodily Defects.

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Though described by Suetonius as having a “fat neck” and “potbelly,” Nero competed at the Olympics in 67, in the chariot race. He fell out of his vehicle and failed to finish but paid hefty bribes to the judges and secured first place.


Suetonius reported that Caligula often cheated when playing dice. The emperor once interrupted a game to go into the courtyard, where he spotted a group of rich knights passing. He had them arrested, stole their goods, then “resumed the game in high spirits, boasting that his luck had never been better.”

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