The Destruction of Tyre, by John Martin, 1840. © Toledo Museum of Art, purchased with funds from the Libbey Endowment, gift of Edward Drummond Libbey.


Volume X, Number 3 | summer 2017


At a Johns Hopkins campus hospital in 1920, behavioral psychologists conducted an experiment with a nine-month-old boy known as Little Albert, who was given a white rat to play with. The scientists then made loud noises behind Albert’s head while he played, conditioning in him a fear of other furry animals and objects, previously sources of joy. Albert’s mother, a wet nurse at a nearby hospital, was paid one dollar for her son’s participation.

An ugly sight, a man who’s afraid. 

—Jean Anouilh, 1944


Girl with a Cat.


What Fads Go Up…


Internet resident pays $117,712 for a virtual kitty.

c. 1637:

Dutch resident (allegedly) trades twelve fat sheep for one sexy tulip root.