black and white photo of James Thurber lighting a cigarette in the new york times office

James Thurber

(1894 - 1961)

Calvin Trillin standing in front of a refrigerator in a black and white photograph

Calvin Trillin

Black and white photo of Harry S. Truman holding a newspaper with the headline "Dewey defeats Truman"

Harry S. Truman

(1884 - 1972)

Black and white photograph of a young Mark Twain with dark hair.

Mark Twain

(1835 - 1910)

Portrait of George Vasey in a suit with a long white beard

George Vasey

(1822 - 1893)

Image of French poet François Villon.

François Villon

(1431 - c. 1463)

Colorized engraving of Voltaire wearing a wig.


(1694 - 1778)

black and white photo of Kurt Vonnegut sitting over coffee and a book

Kurt Vonnegut

(1922 - 2007)

photograph of David Foster Wallace speaking at a podium

David Foster Wallace

(1962 - 2008)

Frances Warfield

(1884 - 1969)

Sepia colored photo of Oscar Wilde sitting on a rock with a book in his hand

Oscar Wilde

(1854 - 1900)

Photograph of Soviet author Mikhail Zoshchenko in military uniform.

Mikhail Zoshchenko

(1895 - 1958)