Daniel Defoe

(1660 - 1731)

The son of a Cripplegate butcher, Daniel Defoe found employment as a hosiery merchant and haberdasher before flourishing as a writer. Best known today for his novel Robinson Crusoe, Defoe was also an accomplished pamphleteer who served time in the pillory for his polemical writings.

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Voices In Time

1665 | London

Supply Chain

Daniel Defoe finds safe harbor on the water.More

Voices In Time

1659 | Island of Despair

Starter Home

Robinson Crusoe builds a house.More

Voices In Time

1665 | London

Public Health

Daniel Defoe’s rules for managing a plague.More

Voices In Time

1701 | London

A Mongrel Half-Bred Race

For Englishmen to boast of generation / Cancels their knowledge, and lampoons the nation.More

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