Photograph of Soviet Russian writer and journalist Vasily Grossman.

Vasily Grossman

(1905 - 1964)

Black and white image of Persian lyric poet Hafez.


(c. 1320 - c. 1390)

Color portrait of Chinese writer and poet Han Yu.

Han Yu

(768 - 824)

Joseph Heller

Joseph Heller

(1923 - 1999)

Painting of Greek philosopher Heraclitus weeping over a globe.


(c. 540 BC - c. 480 BC)

Sculpture bust of Greek historian Herodotus.


(c. 484 BC - c. 425 BC)

Black and white of photograph of American writer Michael Herr standing.

Michael Herr

Painted portrait of Scottish philosopher David Hume.

David Hume

(1711 - 1776)

Engraving of the medieval Arab traveler Ibn Battuta.

Ibn Battuta

(1304 - c. 1369)

Ibn Fadlan

(c. 900 - c. 922)

Black and white image of Japanese haiku poet Kobayashi Issa.

Kobayashi Issa

(1763 - 1828)

Color photograph of Russian multimillionaire Dmitry Itskov.

Dmitry Itskov

Detail of mural featuring Jacobus de Voragine, archbishop of Genoa and chronicler.

Jacobus de Voragine

(c. 1230 - 1298)

Black and white photograph of poet, diplomat, and civil rights activist James Weldon Johnson.

James Weldon Johnson

(1871 - 1938)

Black and white photograph of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung seated with legs crossed.

C.G. Jung

(1875 - 1961)

Color photograph of American physician Jack Kevorkian.

Jack Kevorkian

(1928 - 2011)

Black and white image of German dramatist Heinrich von Kleist.

Heinrich von Kleist

(1777 - 1811)

Lewis Lapham at his desk

Lewis H. Lapham

Black and white photograph of English poet and librarian Philip Larkin.

Philip Larkin

(1922 - 1985)

Black and white photograph of Italian writer and chemist Primo Levi.

Primo Levi

(1919 - 1987)

Black and white photograph of scholar, novelist, and Christian apologist C.S. Lewis.

C.S. Lewis

(1898 - 1963)

Photograph of President Abraham Lincoln sitting in a chair.

Abraham Lincoln

(1809 - 1865)

Photograph of American author and editor Bess Lovejoy.

Bess Lovejoy

Engraving of a bust of Lucretius.


(c. 95 BC - c. 50 BC)