Black and white image of English novelist Anthony Trollope.

Anthony Trollope

(1815 - 1882)

Born in London, Anthony Trollope moved to Ireland at the age of twenty-six in 1841 after he volunteered to serve there as a postal inspector. He published his first novel in 1847 but did not meet success until 1855, when he published The Warden, the first of six books he set in the fictional town of Barsetshire. The author of forty-seven novels, Trollope in his autobiography deemed The Prime Minister a failure, saying, “It was worse spoken of by the press than any novel I had written.”

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How gloriously legible are the constellations of the heavens!

—Anthony Trollope, 1859

There is nothing more tyrannical than a strong popular feeling among a democratic people.

—Anthony Trollope, 1862

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1861 | Mississippi River

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Anthony Trollope is astonished by spoiled American babies.More

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