Margaret Cavendish

(1623 - 1673)

A Royalist who went into exile during the English Civil War, Margaret Cavendish moved back to England after the Restoration began in 1660, having already made a name as an outré writer. The Blazing World, published in 1666, is both a romance novel and a precursor to modern science fiction stories. “There is something noble and quixotic and high-spirited,” Virginia Woolf wrote about Cavendish in The Common Reader, “as well as crack-brained and bird-witted about her.”

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Voices In Time

1666 | Blazing World

Contact Tracing

Margaret Cavendish investigates how the spotted plague is spread.More

Memory is like the moon, which hath its new, its full, and its wane.

—Margaret Cavendish, 1655

Voices In Time

1662 | England

Brain Distrust

Margaret Cavendish bemoans the limits of the drowsy world.More

Voices In Time

1653 | London

Brain Food

“Quick wit squeez’d into it.”More

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