Louis-François Ramond

Travels in the Pyrenees,


I felt a mild and pleasant warmth. The new-mown hay was lying in the fields, and the various plants exhaling their perfumes. The lime trees were in blossom. The night was now descending. I breathed again the air of the valley and inhaled its fragrance. I endeavored to account with myself for that portion of my voluptuous sensations, for which I was conscious of being indebted to recollection. I know not what there is in perfumes that powerfully awakens the memory of the past. Nothing so soon recalls to the mind a beloved spot, a regretted situation, or moments whose passage has been deeply recorded in the heart, though lightly in the memory. The fragrance of a violet restores us to the enjoyment of many springs. I know not to what exquisite moments of my life the lime in flower was ever witness, but I could plainly feel that it occasioned a vibration which had long been dormant, that it awakened recollections connected with happy days. I indulged then in my reverie, though somewhat bordering upon the melancholy, which is ever occasioned by the images of the past, and extended over nature that illusion which I had caught from her; for by this time I had ceased to be alone amid these wild retreats, and had established between them and myself a secret and indefinable intelligence. Alone, but under a heaven the witness of all things, I abandoned myself with emotion to that soft security, to that delicious sentiment of coexistence, which we can experience only in the fields of our native country.

Homesick Candles

“Creating and Crafting the Homesick Candle,”


Think about smells. Whether it’s Grandma’s cookies or the fresh green smell of tomato plants, smell evokes memory and feelings. That’s where the Homesick candle begins—in the nostalgia of scent. Each candle begins with a feeling, an energy all its own that makes it unique and memorable. It transports us from a stressful day that’s been go-go-go since six am to a beach cottage from a past vacation or a Friday night football game with your high school sweetheart.

Homesick’s team of storytellers, researchers, and chemists comes together to create each scent. The process begins with conducting surveys and creating focus groups of people who live in a given area to understand the scents that define the location and combine that with extensive research about the area’s landscape, history, traditions, and food culture. After all the information is gathered, the Homesick chemists create several scents, formulate a wax concentration, and take them back to the locals to smell and select the scent that best conjures the distinctive feeling of their locale.

No matter the reason, whether it’s to personally escape back to a childhood in Maine or gift a faraway friend the scents of home after a big move, Homesick candles usher those warm, fuzzy memories into the present with the flick of a match. Designed by the locals who know, created clean and long lasting, Homesick candles make sure you’re never far from home.

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