Edward III

“Proclamation Made Against Vagrants Within the City,”


Forasmuch as many men and women, and others, of diverse counties, who might work, to the help of the common people, have betaken themselves from out of their own country to the city of London and do go about begging there so as to have their own ease and repose, not wishing to labor or work for their sustenance, to the great damage of the common people; and also do waste diverse alms that would otherwise be given to many poor folks, such as lepers, blind, halt, and persons oppressed with old age and diverse of maladies, to the destruction of the support of the same—we do command on behalf of our lord the king, whom may God preserve and bless, that all those who go about begging in the said city and who are able to labor and work for the profit of the common people shall quit the said city between now and Monday next ensuing. And if any such shall be found begging after the day aforesaid, the same shall be taken and put in the stocks on Cornhill for half a day the first time, and the second time he shall remain in the stocks one whole day, and the third time he shall be taken and shall remain in prison for forty days and shall then forswear the said city forever. And every constable and the beadle of every ward of the said city shall be empowered to arrest such manner of folks and to put them in the stocks in manner aforesaid.

Carol Liu

The Right to Rest Act,


Persons experiencing homelessness shall be permitted to use public space in the state of California in the same manner as any other person, without discrimination based on their housing status. In addition, the existence of homelessness requires that civil and human rights that are amply protected in the home be extended to the public areas in which homeless persons live to ensure the equal rights of all Californians, whether homeless or housed.

Every person in the state shall have the following basic human and civil rights, that may be exercised without being subject to criminal or civil sanctions or harassment by law enforcement, public or private security personnel, or Business Improvement District agents:

The right to use and to move freely in public spaces, without discrimination and without time limitations that discriminate based upon housing status.

The right to rest in public spaces and to protect oneself from the elements, in a nonobstructive manner.

The right to eat, share, accept, or give food in any public space in which having food is not otherwise generally prohibited.

The right to pray, meditate, worship, or practice religion in public spaces, without discrimination based upon housing status.

The right to occupy a motor vehicle, provided it is legally parked on public property or parked on private property with permission of the property owner.

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