Gojko Barjamovic, Patricia Jurado Gonzalez, Chelsea A. Graham, Agnete W. Lassen, Nawal Nasrallah, and Pia M. Sörensen

Gojko Barjamovic is a senior lecturer on Assyriology at Harvard University. Patricia Jurado Gonzalez is an associate professor at the Basque Cultural Center. Chelsea A. Graham is the head of the Digitization Lab at the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage at Yale University. Agnete W. Lassen is associate curator of the Yale Babylonian Collection. Nawal Nasrallah is a culinary historian and chef who specializes in Medieval Arabic cuisine. Pia M. Sörensen is a senior preceptor in Chemical Engineering and Applied Materials at Harvard University. They coauthored the chapter “Food in Ancient Mesopotamia: Cooking the Yale Babylonian Culinary Recipes” in the exhibition catalogue Ancient Mesopotamia Speaks: Highlights of the Yale Babylonian Collection.

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