The Rest Is History

The dire wolf, booze, and radio archives.

By Jaime Fuller

Friday, October 16, 2020

Attic red-figure skyphos, c. 460 bc. © The J. Paul Getty Museum. Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program.

• “Neanderthal Babies Had Stocky Chests Like Their Parents.” (Science News)

• French fashion during World War II. (NPR)

• A brief history of alcohol: “How the magic of fermentation has transformed the human experience.” (Archaeology)

• “The Dire Wolf Might Have Prowled Asia, Fossil Suggests.” (New York Times)

• “The history of English women’s literature is older than popularly thought.” (The New York Review of Books)

• “When a Fallen Mexican American War Hero Was Denied a Wake, a Civil Rights Push Began.” (History)

• “Beyond the Myth of Malcolm X.” (The Atlantic)

• “The Remarkable Success Story of Rosalba Carriera, the Original ‘Queen of Pastel.’ ” (Hyperallergic)

• “The Delightful, Painful Nostalgia of Radio Archives.” (Wired)

• This week in obituaries: Barbara Ker Wilson, Herbert Kretzmer, Stephen Cohen, Monica Roberts, Conchata Ferrell, Bernard Cohen, Dan Baum, Joyce Dinkins, Margaret Nolan, and Joe Morgan.