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Lucky Charms

Athletes and their superstitions.

Michael Jordan, basketball (guard)

Charm: Wear shorts from college basketball team underneath NBA uniform

Turk Wendell, baseball (pitcher)

Charm: Chew four pieces of black licorice, spit out at end of inning, brush teeth; wear necklace with teeth of wild pigs and buffalo

Sergio Goycochea, soccer (goalie)

Charm: Urinate on field before games

Tiger Woods, golf

Charm: Wear red shirt on final Sunday rounds of PGA tournaments

Patrick Roy, hockey (goalie)

Charm: Talk to goalpost during game

Björn Borg, tennis

Charm: Grow beard during Wimbledon

Wade Boggs, baseball (third baseman)

Charm: Eat fried chicken before game; write Hebrew word chai in sand before batting

Julia Mancuso, skiing (alpine)

Charm: Wear plastic tiara during World Cup competition and then have tiara painted on helmet when rule change necessitates

John Henderson, football (defensive tackle)

Charm: Receive pregame openhanded slap across face from team trainer

Jason Terry, basketball (shooting guard)

Charm: Eat fried chicken before game; wear five pairs of knee socks

Serena Williams, tennis

Charm: Bounce ball five times before first serve, twice before second; wear same pair of socks during tournament run

Alexander Ovechkin, hockey (left wing)

Charm: Have sex before and after game

Jason Giambi, baseball (first baseman)

Charm: Wear golden thong to get out of hitting slump