Charts & Graphs

Ghost Whisperers

Means used to contact the deceased.

Means What Method Drawbacks
Fuji (planchette writing) Chinese precursor to Ouija board Two people hold wooden stylus over sand; one gets possessed by a spirit and writes out Chinese characters; third person interprets. Slow, difficult to read, written in sand
Transfiguration Medium-facilitated visual spirit contact Medium enters trance; ectoplasm covers his/her face and transforms it to spirit’s face; spirit speaks or manipulates medium’s vocal cords. Draining for medium; seances most often conducted in darkness or red light
Psychic Telephone Telephone-like device for direct communication without a human medium Wear headset connected to an inflated balloon; ghost vibrates it against a microphone; listen to amplified communication. Worked poorly unless inventor’s son, who was considered a medium, was present
Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) Incursion of spirit voice into a recording device’s electrical field Turn on recorder in a very quiet place; disruptions become imprinted on tape; listen for ghost voices in playback. Initial equipment investment, messages can be hard to hear
Thoughtforms Mind-generated energy message aimed directly at particular spirits with whom you wish to communicate Enter hypnagogic state; focus on spirit and send energy message; wait anywhere from minutes to hours for reply. Easier to send messages to the dead than to receive them
Past-Life Regression Accessing one of your previous selves Receive hypnosis and recall memories of former lives buried very deep within unconscious. Limited contact choices, potential for new levels of self-hatred