Déjà Vu

Bringing a historical perspective to the day’s news

March 23, 2019

April 13, 2018

Remains of the Strays


The body of a poet is found in a sunless cellar.


The young royals wronged by Richard III are found under a staircase.


Two Spanish queens go viral for trading harsh—and unknown—words at church.

c. 1560:

A fight between two queens is saved for posterity.


Trump humiliates underlings with firings; the media reports metaphoric “stays of execution.”


c. 40:

Caligula condemns underlings to fight wild beasts after they fail to acknowledge his genius.


Facebook disappears an ad featuring a woman’s—gasp—upper back.


Mark Twain has opinions about Titian’s depiction of Venus.

February 09, 2018

Gold Medal on the Rocks


Russian athletes prefer their steroids shaken, not stirred.

c. 530:

Ancient Olympians use illegal curses to defeat the opposition.


A Bollywood film leads to protests because of inaccurate whispers about a blasphemous scene that doesn’t exist.


The idea of a film about Martin Luther leads to protests, again and again—as does any other movie touching religion.