Peter Foges

Peter Foges is a film and television producer. He worked for the BBC in London for fifteen years as a correspondent, an anchor, a producer, and a director before moving to the United States to serve as BBC TV’s bureau chief. For the BBC he produced The David Frost Show and directed numerous documentaries, including Kennedy’s Been Shot and Good Night and Good Luck. He later became director of news and public affairs programming for WNET/Thirteen in New York City, where he created and produced such series as Adam Smith’s Money World, The Struggles for Poland, and From D-Day to Berlin. Other U.S. TV credits include The Eyes of War with Robert Mitchum, Richard Burton: An Actor’s Life, and Putin’s Russia: Threat or Promise? He co-wrote The Ten Year Lunch: The Wit and Legend of the Algonquin Round Table, which was awarded the 1987 Oscar for best documentary feature.

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Peace Treaty with the Almighty

By Peter Foges

On the May 12, 1838, the eighty-four-year old Prince de Talleyrand vomited blood at his own dinner table. It happened in the Parisian palais on Rue St. Florentin where he passed his retirement in semi-regal splendor. He had been entertaining old friends, the Princesse de Lieven and the Duke de Noailles. The old man, ever courteous in the manner of an aristocrat brought up in the ancien régime, apologized profusely and retired to bed. More