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Here Come the Young Men

Differences in travel necessities for the Grand Tour of Europe, old and new.

Item Seventeenth century Twenty-first century
Luggage Leather-covered wooden trunks Expandable leather roll-on suitcase
Identification Letters of reference and introduction Passport
Money Letters of credit from London banks Credit card
Reading Material Book of Protestant prayers and hymns New York Times bestseller
Writing Material Notebooks, crayons, pocket inkstand, penknife Laptop computer
Weapon Swords and pistols Prohibited
Nightwear Linen overall to be worn over clothes Boxer shorts, T-shirt
Dress Wear Lice-proof, taffeta-lined doublets Jacket and tie
Traveling Wear Thick shirts, pair of waterproof buckskin breeches, heeled slip-on shoes, overshoes Short- and long-sleeved shirts in a cotton/polyester blend, pair of khaki pants, supportive pair of leather-top, slip-on shoes
Beverage Container Tea caddy Low-density polyethylene water canteen
Timekeeper Pocket sundial or watch Digital wristwatch
In Case of Emergency Tinderbox to light a fire Prepaid cellphone