The Rest Is History

Mysterious whale behavior, an Upton Sinclair novel, and several waves of hunter-gatherers.

By Jaime Fuller

Friday, March 03, 2023

Servicing an old oil well near Wichita, Kansas, 1941. Photograph by Marion Post Wolcott. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

• On Upton Sinclair’s Oil! (The Paris Review Daily)

• The legacy of Our Lady of the Rockies. (High Country News)

• “Ancient texts shed new light on mysterious whale behavior.” (The Guardian)

• The journalism career of Zoe Anderson Norris. (Hell Gate)

• “Italophone Somalia, Then and Now.” (The Drift)

• “Looking at DNA gleaned from the remains of 357 ancient Europeans, researchers discovered that several waves of hunter-gatherers migrated into Europe. The studies identified at least eight populations, some more genetically distinct from each other than modern-day Europeans and Asians. They coexisted in Europe for thousands of years, apparently trading tools and sharing cultures. Some groups survived the Ice Age, while others vanished, perhaps wiped out by other groups.” (New York Times)

• This week in obituaries: Wayne Shorter, Linda King Newell, Bob Richards, Just Fontaine, Zandra Flemister, Shinta Ratri, Linda Kasabian, James Abourezk, Irving Wardle, Walter Mirisch, Anthony Green, Maurizio Costanzo, Betty Boothroyd, Philip Ziegler, Ahmed Qurei, Tony Earl, Gleb Pavlovsky, Charles PernasiliceRichard Anobile, Robert Hébras, Tom Luddy, and Ricou Browning.