The Rest Is History

Astronomy, a hallucinogenic drug, and a hungry badger.

By Jaime Fuller

Friday, January 14, 2022

A Section of the Constellation Cygnus, by Paul Henry, 1885. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gilman Collection, purchase, Robert Rosenkranz Gift, 2005.

• Reviving the art of letterlocking. (New York Times)

• “The regional archaeological museum of Sicily has shipped a fragment from the Parthenon temple to the Acropolis Museum in Athens, where it will remain on long-term loan. Some have interpreted the move as a nudge to encourage the British Museum, which holds the largest collection of Parthenon sculptures outside of Greece, to follow suit.” (Hyperallergic)

• “Hungry badger may have uncovered Roman coins in Spanish cave.”(The Guardian)

• Visit the Smithsonian Institution’s storage facilities. (National Geographic)

• The history of the birth certificate. (JSTOR Daily)

• “Readers Love Curious George. I Fell in Love with the Author’s Astronomy Books.” (Nautilus)

• “Abdulrazak Gurnah and the afterlives of German colonialism in East Africa.” (Africa Is a Country)

• “Archaeological evidence from Peru suggests elite members of the Wari Empire mixed a hallucinogenic drug with a beer-like beverage in order to cultivate and preserve political control.” (Gizmodo)

• This week in obituaries: Sidney Poitier, Ronnie Spector, Bob Saget, Robert Durst, Clyde Bellecourt, Dan Reilly, Maria Ewing, Chris Dickerson, Lani Gunier, Marilyn Bergman, David Sassoli, James Mtume, Sergei Tolstoy, Beatrice Mintz, Robert Birnbaum, Dale Clevenger, Alan Scott, and Michael Lang.