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Spellbound and Gagged

Love spells from the ancient world.

2500 bc: Sumer

Sexual Spell

Directions, for woman:

  1. Tie ram to head of bed and donkey to foot of bed.
  2. Sit, stand, or kneel in center of bed.
  3. Recite spell, including “So may my vagina hold tight his penis”; “May your penis grow long as a war club”; “I am sitting in a web of seduction.”

c. 2000 bc: Egypt

An invocation to Re’horachte

Directions, for man:

  1. Recite spell, including “Let ____ born of ____ come after me like a cow after grass”; “Like a maidservant after her children”; “If they fail to make her come after me I will set fire to Busiris and burn up Osiris.”

c. 1150 bc: India

Hymn from Atharvaveda

Directions, for man:

  1. Bathe and clean oneself thoroughly.
  2. Recite spell, including “Desire my body, love my feet, love thou my eyes, and love my legs”; “Mothers of butter, may the cows incline that maid to love of me.”

c. 500: Egypt

Spell of Mutual Love

Directions, for man:

  1. Pour cooking oil into small dish.
  2. Hold dish close to mouth.
  3. Speaking over oil, recite spell, including “I call you, oil. The sun and the moon, I call you”; “Yea, yea, I invoke you, the one whose head is in heaven, whose feet are in the abyss”; “And make my love be in her heart and hers in mine.”