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Final Acts

The fates of various magicians, sorcerers, and prophets throughout history.

c. 1190 bc: Argos

Cassandra, Trojan princess and prophet

Foretold fall of Troy, fate of Trojan women, and death of her captor Agamemnon; all her predictions were ignored per Apollo’s orders, and she was killed by Clytemnestra.

33: Jerusalem

Jesus of Nazareth, son of God

Gained disciples through public performance of miracles and preaching the word of God; accused of blasphemy, then tortured and crucified; resurrected three days after death.

c. 40: Rome

Simon Magus, Samarian sorcerer

Offered to buy ability to transmit Holy Spirit from Peter and John (simony); flew into clouds to prove divinity and died on impact when brought down by Peter’s prayers.

c. 450: England

Merlin, wizard of King Arthur’s Court

Suggested creation of Round Table and foretold his own betrayal by Nimue, Lady of the Lake; led Nimue to an enchanted stone beneath which she promptly interred him.

1440: Brittany

Gilles de Rais, nobleman and onetime guard of Joan of Arc

Became interested in satanism in attempt to gain knowledge and power; accused of dismembering over 140 children and was later condemned for heresy, then tried and hanged.

1597: Prague

Edward Kelley, scryer and assistant to John Dee

Invited to court of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II for his knowledge of alchemy; refused to share secrets, was imprisoned, and is said to have died while trying to escape.

1697: Leonardtown, MD

Moll Dyer, herbalist and old single lady

Blamed for town’s poor harvest, accused of witchcraft, and had house lit on fire; fled into winter night and was found frozen to death near a stone on which she had left a handprint.

1899: Dubbo, Australia

Oscar Eliason, aka Dante “The Mormon Wizard”

Gained recognition as magician at young age and performed such tricks as the bullet catch; while in Australia was accidentally shot dead by hunting companion.

2009: Las Vegas

Roy Horn, half of duo Siegfried and Roy

Suffered a near-fatal bite from trained Bengal tiger Montecore during show in 2003; performed one last illusion alongside Montecore in 2009.