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Thou Shalt Not…

Laws on the books in the United States.

  • project a laser at police officers in Louisiana.
  • fish with a firearm in Wyoming.
  • honk at a sandwich shop after 9 pm in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • wear a bulletproof vest while committing sexual assault in New Jersey.
  • carry a pet dog on the roof of a car in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • cause “a catastrophe” in Utah.
  • hold public office in Texas without acknowledging the existence of a supreme being.
  • get married in Nebraska if you have a venereal disease.
  • bite off another’s limb in Rhode Island.
  • vote in New Mexico if you’re an “idiot.”
  • operate a dance hall on Sunday in South Carolina.
  • show covered male genitals in a“discernibly turgid state” in Indiana.