Agnes Repplier

(1855 - 1950)

Born in Philadelphia, the essayist Agnes Repplier published her work in Catholic World, The Atlantic, The New Republic, and Harper’s Magazine, among other magazines, offering her opinions on Catholicism, war, women, and literature. “Books, we say, are our dearest friends,” she wrote in her essay “What Children Read,” “and so, with true friendly acuteness, we are prompt to discover their faults, and take great credit in our ingenuity. But all this time, somewhere about the house, curled up, may be, in a nursery window, or hidden in a freezing attic, a child is poring over The Three Musketeers, lost to any consciousness of his surroundings, incapable of analyzing his emotions, breathless with mingled fear and exultation over his heroes’ varying fortunes, and drinking in a host of vivid impressions that are absolutely ineffaceable from his mind.”

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