Steve Milloy

Steve Milloy is the founder of the website Junk Science—which Guardian writer George Monbiot called “the main entrepôt for almost every kind of climate-change denial”—and a commentator for Fox News. His books include Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them and Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA. He has worked with the Cato Institute and a nonprofit started by Phillip Morris that tries to prevent secondhand-smoke legislation. “The left has tried to make me radioactive for twenty-five years now, but I have defied them successfully and I’ve come out on top, and that is so empowering you can’t believe it," he said in an interview. “They’ve said just about every nasty thing they can say about me, and somehow, by hook or by crook, I have made it through and I'm winning.”

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