Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier

(1743 - 1794)

Author of the oxygen theory of combustion and one of the creators of the metric system, chemist Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier is known as the leader of the eighteenth-century chemical revolution. He served in the French government before the revolution. During the Reign of Terror, he was arrested for selling adulterated tobacco. The trial took only one day, and the tribunal found him guilty. Lavoisier was guillotined along with his father-in-law and twenty-six other enemies of the people.

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“We should proceed from known facts to what is unknown.”More


The first known “laboratory rat” was used in 1828 in an experiment about fasting. Guinea pigs have been put to scientific use since the 1780s, when Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier measured their heat production. The first recorded usage of guinea pig to liken a person or a thing to a test subject was in 1891, by George Bernard Shaw in his book The Quintessence of Ibsenism.

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