André Le Chapelain

(1174 - 1238)

Little is known about André Le Chapelain other than that he was a French cleric—perhaps a chaplain at the court of Marie, countess of Champagne, daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine. A child of the twelfth-century renaissance, he lived during the period in which major works of Aristotle were rediscovered and the scholastic liberal arts were revitalized. He is best known for his writings on the art of courtly love.

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After “a certain knight shamefully divulged the intimacies and the secrets” of his lover, André Le Chapelain wrote in his late twelfth-century The Art of Courtly Love, an ad hoc tribunal of noble Gascon women “decided unanimously that forever after he should be deprived of all hope of love, and that in every court of ladies or of knights he should be an object of contempt and abuse to all.”

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c. 1185 | Troyes

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Andreas the Chaplain lays out the rules of conversation.More

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