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Welcome to Levittown

“The Most Perfectly Planned Community in America.”

From a 1953 ad for “The Rancher” (priced at $8,990, $57 per month).

The Following Is Included in Every House:

  • Bendix Automatic Washer
  • General Electric Range
  • Tracy All-Steel Cabinets
  • General Bronze Sliding Aluminum Windows
  • Thermopane-Insulated Glass
  • Briggs Colored Bath Fixtures
  • Porcelain-on-Steel Wall Tile
  • Hot-Water Radiant Heating
  • Muncipal Sewers and Water
  • Federal Circuit Breakers—No Fuses
  • York-Shipley Automatic Oil Burner
  • Fiberglass Complete Insulation
  • Matico Tile Floors
  • Complete Landscaping
  • Outside Garden-Storage Closet
  • Free Use of Levittown Swimming Pools
  • Free Use of Levittown Playgrounds
  • Free Use of Levittown Baseball Diamonds