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Who’s Really Bigger?

The final word on Jesus vs. the Beatles.

Jesus vs. The Beatles
3–9 billion Bibles Estimated Units in Circulation 1–1.3 billion records
Sermon on the Mount Hottest Single “I Want to Hold Your Hand”
1.1 million Followers (on Facebook) 9.3 million
23 Covers of Time 1
$0 Fee for an Appearance $160,000 (Shea Stadium, August 15, 1965)
2 (Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspell) Broadway Shows 2 (Beatlemania, Rain—A Tribute to the Beatles on Broadway)
Piece of the True Cross and nail ($3,200 on eBay) Must-Have Memorabilia 19-foot Rolls Royce painted in psychedelic flower motif ($2.3 million)
Mary Magdalene Best-Known Groupie Yoko Ono
Being born Greatest Holiday Achievement 4 times the No. 1 Christmas hit in the UK
Forgive them Father, they know not what they do. Last Words And in the end / The love you take / Is equal to the love you make.
3 days Speed of Resurrection 17 years between No. 1 albums (The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, 1977; Live at the BBC, 1994)