Charts & Graphs

They’re Just Like Us

Celebrity crime and punishment.

Who When Why Result
Mae West 1926 Starring in a raunchy Broadway revue 8 days in jail
Robert Mitchum 1948 Using marijuana 60 days in jail
Sophia Loren 1972 Failing to report $180,000 to Italian tax authorities 17 days in jail
Zsa Zsa Gabor 1989 Expired registration tags, slapping police officer 3 days in jail
Hugh Grant 1995 Soliciting prostitute 2 years’ probation
George Michael 1998 Committing “lewd act” in public restroom 80 hours’ community service
Winona Ryder 2001 Stealing $4,760 worth of clothing and accessories 3 years’ probation
Martha Stewart 2004 Engaging in insider trading 5 months in prison
Nicole Richie 2007 Driving under the influence 82 minutes in jail
Lindsay Lohan 2010 Driving under the influence, possessing cocaine, driving recklessly 13 days in jail