The Rest Is History

Duels, dowsing, and Kim Kardashian.

By Jaime Fuller

Friday, May 07, 2021

Bronze statuette of Athena, circa second century.

Bronze statuette of Athena, circa second century. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cesnola Collection, purchased by subscription, 1874–76.

• “The U.S. government has named Kim Kardashian in a civil forfeiture claim for an ancient Roman statue seized at Los Angeles port in June 2016 that Italian officials think was originally looted from Italy.” (The Guardian)

• “A Hans Holbein miniature long thought to depict Henry VIII’s fifth queen may instead portray the Tudor king’s fourth wife.” (

• “Cook Your Way Through Regional Indian Recipes with This Online Archive.” (Atlas Obscura)

• “A child’s 78,000-year-old grave marks Africa’s oldest known human burial.” (Science News)

• On dowsing. (Outside)

• Revisiting the work of Hanna Diyab. (Paris Review Daily)

• “In Mexico, ancient Maya cave reveals mysterious painted handprints.” (Reuters)

• “To research and write the stories of Black and white Southerners is to undertake almost two entirely different tasks. Black artifacts and records have long been systematically destroyed and marginalized. Like water fountains and public schools, the creation of historical archives was once racially segregated.” (

• “A Somewhat Comprehensive History Of U.S. Senators Who Have Died in Duels.” (Defector)

• The origin story of political correctness. (You’re Wrong About)

• This week in obituaries: Olympia DukakisLucinda Franks, Ed Ward, Patricia Brown, Patrick O’Connell, William T. Wiley, Tamara Press, Martin Bookspan, Anthony Payne, Helen Murray Free, Fred Jordan, Bobby Unser, Graham Pink, Billie Hayes, Jacques d’Amboise, Alber Elbaz, Bob Abernethy, and Greg Hall.