The Rest Is History

Back an hour, behind a recipe, and the wrong side of a slice of history.

By Jaime Fuller

Friday, November 05, 2021

Night, by John P.S. Neligh. Smithsonian American Art Museum, gift of Laura Dreyfus Barney and Natalie Clifford Barney in memory of their mother, Alice Pike Barney, 1952.

• Daylight Savings is this weekend…why? (New York Times)

• On Claudia Roden, recipes, and history: “But I am fascinated by what is behind a recipe. Because it is something that I realized very early on—that a recipe was not just a recipe. It was so many things. And it told you about who a person was, from his ethnicity, his religion, his ideology, his class.” (Washington Post)

• “Tourists marvel at ancient Rome’s party town, now buried by the sea.” (The Guardian)

• “The first known usage of the Latin word resicum—cognate and distant ancestor of the English risk—occurs in a notary contract recorded in Genoa on April 26, 1156.” (Psyche)

• Exploring the context of the post–Cold War action movies of the 1990s. (Unclear and Present Danger)

• “Neither the children’s film nor any of the other pop-culture depictions of Herakles mentions what he was famous for among the ancient Greeks: murdering his wife, Megara, a Theban princess, and their sons.” (The New Yorker)

• Revisiting Soul City. (Places Journal)

• On the history of Korean portaiture: “The focus was always on the face, which was rendered in an ultra-realistic manner. If sitters suffered from chickenpox, for example, they were depicted with scars and all. One portrait, of Bunmu official Lee Sam, even shows an extra set of hairs growing out of a mole on the left side of the military leader’s face.” (Hyperallergic)

• The story of the video George Holliday recorded of L.A. police officers beating Rodney King in 1991. (Slow Burn)

• “An important question swirling in the midst of all this: was everyone on the wrong side of these slices of history at the time? Most often, the answer is no.” (Gawker)

• The art of Gertrude Abercrombie. (Morning Edition)

• This week in obituaries: Nelson Freire, Ronnie Wilson, Ado Campeol, Richard M. Ohmann, Sabah Fakhri, Louise Slade, Aaron Beck, Manuel Neri, Jo-Carroll Dennison, Sunao Tsuboi, Rose Lee Maphis, Pat Martino, Pauline Bart, Brendan Kennelly, Mimi Levin Lieber, Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pamela Rose, A. Linwood Holton Jr., Ronnie Tutt, Margaret York, Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, and Jerry Remy.