The Rest Is History

Mourning, the Marches, and books with lots of pictures.

By Jaime Fuller

Friday, August 24, 2018

Marble statuette of a seated philosopher, c. 100. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fletcher Fund, 1924.

• On grief and the Stoics. (Aeon)

Little Women and 150 years of adaptation and reiteration. (The New Yorker)

• A historical blind item. (Jezebel)

• A new way to consume public domain novels on Instagram Stories. (New York Public Library)

• Children’s books by famous authors who usually stick to writing for adults. (Literary Hub)

• And a book about the above blind item. (The New York Times Book Review)

• Dorothy Porter Wesley, “a pioneer in the field of library and information science.” (JSTOR Daily)

• Redoing the classics: “The enduring appeal of these great foundational Greek texts lies in the thread of human experience that connects us in both directions across the centuries. The success of their modern offspring rests on an author’s ability to invigorate them in new ways for our own time.” (Financial Times)

• This week in obituaries: Kofi Annan, a long-gone labor rights leader, a quadriplegic sailor, and a leftist pacifist presidential candidate (and member of the Bromeliad Society).