Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014
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Miles Klee
Alternative Histories Falling down the rabbit hole of alternate history forums, where speculation and luck have encouraged domestic terrorists to change the course of history.
Die Laughing Laughter is the best medicine, until the spasms of joy become harbingers of death.
Ever After Solving the problem of mortality, one plan at a time.
A Painted Ship Upon a Painted Ocean For Byron, Coleridge, Calvino, and others, the stagnant doldrums have been a subject rife with literary energy.
Pet Cemetery In animals, humans look for clues about what the spirit world might hold.
Blowing Your Mind Total freak-out or total bliss? For centuries, LSD and its derivatives have been dreamland for the initiated, and a nightmare for those caught unawares.
Spinners and Losers A BBC comedy series explores the gaffe-prone world of professional politics, onscreen and off.
Sherlock Holmes in Fairyland How the creator of literature’s most logical detective became utterly seduced by magic.
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