sStates of Mind: Indian Dream Book

Chandra, the Moon God, folio from an Indian dream book, c. 1715. © The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Gift of Paul F. Walter.

sStates of Mind: Baldridge

Into the New World, by Jamie Baldridge, 2009–11. © Jamie Baldridge, courtesy the artist.

sStates of Mind: Valadon

Joy of Life, by Suzanne Valadon, 1911. © The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bequest of Miss Adelaide Milton de Groot (1876–1967), 1967.

sStates of Mind: Ouwater

Head of a Donor, attributed to Albert van Ouwater, c. 1460. © The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917.

sStates of Mind: Bonheur

The Horse Fair (detail), by Rosa Bonheur, 1852–55. York. © The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of Cornelius Vanderbilt, 1887.

sStates of Mind: Diamond

Patient, Surrey County Lunatic Asylum, by Hugh Welch Diamond, c. 1855. © The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gilman Collection, Purchase, Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee Gift, 2005.

sStates of Mind: Barye

Tiger in Repose (detail), by Antoine-Louis Barye, c. 1860. © The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of Eugene V. Thaw, 2015.

sStates of Mind: Heade

Approaching Thunder Storm (detail), by Martin Johnson Heade, 1859. © The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of Erving Wolf Foundation and Mr. and Mrs. Erving Wolf, in memory of Diane R. Wolf, 1975.

sStates of Mind: Silk Album Leaf

Wine Drinking in a Spring Garden (detail), Persian silk album leaf, c. 1430. © The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cora Timken Burnett Collection of Persian Miniatures and Other Persian Art Objects, Bequest of Cora Timken Burnett, 1956.

sStates of Mind: Blake

Pity (detail), by William Blake, c. 1795. © The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of Mrs. Robert W. Goelet, transferred from European Paintings, 1958.


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