Zack Harold.

Zack Harold

sStates of Mind: Hunter

Victoria Falls, from the series Unheralded Stories, by Tom Hunter, 2010. © Tom Hunter, courtesy the artist.

sStates of Mind: Goltzius

A Seated Monkey on a Chain (detail), by Hendrick Goltzius, c. 1600. © Rijksmuseum.

sStates of Mind: Ladmiral

Anatomical print of the dura mater of a fetus eight months from conception, by Jan Ladmiral, 1738. © Rijksmuseum.

sStates of Mind: Indian Dream Book

Chandra, the Moon God, folio from an Indian dream book, c. 1715. © The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Gift of Paul F. Walter.

sStates of Mind: Baldridge

Into the New World, by Jamie Baldridge, 2009–11. © Jamie Baldridge, courtesy the artist.


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