Déjà Vu

Bringing a historical perspective to the day’s news

February 19, 2018


A Bollywood film leads to protests because of inaccurate whispers about a blasphemous scene that doesn’t exist.


The idea of a film about Martin Luther leads to protests, again and again—as does any other movie touching religion.

January 19, 2018

Out of the Mouths of Babes


Man auctions Dixie cup that could have touched the lips of Elvis.


Man auctions Lord Byron’s cup made from a human skull.

January 05, 2018

Epidermal Macabre


At least four people would like to own Charles Manson’s remains.


Jesse James keeps getting reburied and fought over.

January 04, 2018

Do You Hear What I Hear?


Americans at an embassy in Cuba suffer a possible sonic assault.


Americans at an embassy in Russia get beamed with microwaves.

January 02, 2018

Fear Death by Water


Rich people in Silicon Valley swear by the “nice smooth mouth feel” and healthy bacteria in raw water, as long as you drink it before it turns green.


Rich people swear by the wisdom of drinking anything but raw water.

December 07, 2017

What Fads Go Up…


Internet resident pays $117,712 for a virtual kitty.

c. 1637:

Dutch resident (allegedly) trades twelve fat sheep for one sexy tulip root.

August 11, 2017

Equal Climates


U.S. Department of Agriculture bans words related to climate change.

350 BC:

Aristotle denies that the climate is changing.