Monday, September 22nd, 2014
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life after death
Back to the Future c. 55 / Rome
Predestination 1536 / Basel
Dust to Dust c. 305 BC / Athens
Plan B 1969 / Washington, DC
Gardens Bright With Sinuous Rills c. 620 / Arabia
Lest We Forget c. 590 BC / Lesbos
Trust Issues by Paul Collins
A Single-Minded Scientist c. 1750 / Ingolstadt
Intimations of Immortality c. 109 / Rome
Where the Flowers Go 1880 / Paris
Without Deeds, Without Names c. 1330 / Kyoto
William Faulkner Writes His Epitaph 1949 / Oxford, MS
Hour of Fame 1862 / South Carolina
Notorious 1897 / Reading
A Public Man by Andrew McConnell Stott
Resurrection c.1623 / London
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