Friday, September 19th, 2014
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The Revolution Will be Mummified When the preservation of dead bodies becomes political, from Oliver Cromwell’s head to Che Guevara’s hands.
Trotsky’s Canadian Holiday In exile, Leon Trotsky couldn’t bear to be apart from the revolution he helped instigate, but the journey home meant a detour in a Canadian prison that became the model for the earliest Soviet concentration camps.
A Glimmer of Goodbye 1917 / Edinburgh
Political Revolutions Uprisings and rebellions.
Lord Byron Volunteers His Services 1823 / Greece
Adolf Hitler Writes History 1937 / Berlin
Plutarch’s Post-Rebellion Wrap-Up c. 72 BC / Italy
The World in Time: The Wehrmacht’s End Lewis Lapham talks with Dennis Showalter about his book, “Armor and Blood: The Battle of Kursk: The Turning Point of World War II.”
Underwater Impressions Leni Riefenstahl’s final film was a wordless, undersea documentary—and her only film after the fall of the Nazi regime.
When Cats Attack 2013: Visitors to the Franche-Comte region of France are advised to be on alert, as gangs of feral cats terrorize...
The World In Time: Britain’s American Mistake Lewis Lapham talks with Andrew Jackson O’Shaughnessy about his book, The Men Who Lost America.
The World in Time: Addressing Gettysburg Lewis Lapham talks with Allen C. Guelzo about his book Gettysburg: The Last Invasion.
Helpful Hints for Amputations Civil War amputations were a grisly affair; luckily, there were instruction manuals for busy or inexperienced surgeons.
They Called Him Sergeant Stubby A decorated WWI veteran, Sgt. Stubby became the military’s most famous (and beloved) canine member.
A Grand and Awful Scene 1812 / Atlantic Ocean
Military Mammals 2013: A rare nineteenth century torpedo was discovered off the coast of Southern California this week—by a very elite squad...
Pompey Clears the Decks 67 BC / Mediterranean Sea
Dark-Ship Diplomacy 1853 / Washington, DC
Epic Brag 1572 / Lisbon
Consider the Poodle Underneath the poodle’s fluffy coat is a hardworking water dog with a history of bravery, intelligence, and battlefield know-how.
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