Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014
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LQ Podcast 62: Robert Weide Robert B. Weide talks about his decades-long production of a documentary on Kurt Vonnegut due to be released in 2015.
Communication is Everything Technologies of revoloution
What Do You Call
An Irishman From Atlantic City?
Boardwalk Empire and the rise and fall of the Irish-American mobster as politician.
Spinners and Losers A BBC comedy series explores the gaffe-prone world of professional politics, onscreen and off.
Closing Arguments 2000 / Borneo
Word Order by Lewis H. Lapham
Breaking the Bad News 1961 / Washington, DC
Media Saturation 1992 / Washington, DC
Hostages to Fortune by Lewis H. Lapham
Portraits of the Times Winter 2012, “Family”
Image Is Everything Winter 2011, “Celebrity”
Not For Glory Alone The beautiful game is unwilling to give up its charms easily, leaving its best players scoreless and its best teams often without a win.
The Limits of Control James Franco on getting a good performance onscreen, and when an actor just has to let a performance go.
Rigged Game 1959 / Washington, DC
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