Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014
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Jane Austen’s Trivial Pursuits In which numerous faintings, and several comic tableaux of patricide, class warfare, cannibalism, and drunkenness occur.
The Hollywood Canteen The Hollywood Canteen sees movie stars contribute to the war effort in a personal fashion.
Sounds of the Second Coming c. 1949 / Mexico
Plato & Edith Wharton Dabbling in Politics
Babel On! Languages are constantly evolving and so are the ways that we learn them—three new books dispel the myth of Babel.
The High-Raised Literary Tone 1820 / London
After the Revolution 1878 / London
The Tea Party Parties On How do you celebrate the centennial of the Boston Tea Party? With a Tea Party of your very own.
The Fried Chicken War When a hotel doesn’t serve your favorite dish, sometimes the only solution is to open your own establishment.
Guest of Honor c. 525 / Denmark
Procedural c. 50 BC / China
Procuring Impossibilities 1838 / Auteuil
Paradigm Shift 1971 / Berkeley
Abundant, Not Delicate 1832 / United States
Mess Hall c. 625 BC / Sparta
Goodbye to the Bourgeoisie 1650 / York
Power Points 1861 / London
Spending Time 1899 / Chicago
Gossip Girl c. 1874 / London
Anonym 1861 / Amherst
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