Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
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Of Hooligans and Hippodromes 2013: A championship match between Brazilian soccer clubs Atletico Paranese and Vasco de Gama took a brutal turn when tension...
Kick the Habit 2011: The newly minted coach of U.S. Men’s National Team, a former German soccer star, as well as coach of...
Don’t Mention the Eighty Years War Team Goya takes on Team Vermeer in what is sure to be a World Cup final of pure artistry.
Kick, Carry, and Everything In-Between The laws of rugby, soccer, and all their offshoots were first tested on the fields of English public schools.
The Fine Art of Losing In the end, thirty-one teams will go home, a few not without making a fuss.
Better to be Loved 2010: As Argentina gears up to play Germany, a recent comparison between Argentine coach Diego Maradona and England coach Fabio...
Better to be Feared North Korea notwithstanding, why right-wing governments have historically produced the best soccer teams.
Editors’ Picks: Literary Soccer During this brief lull in the World Cup, LQ selects the best in soccer literature.
The New World The colonial rivalry between Brazil and Portugal has always been more friendly than fiery on the pitch.
American Strikers, Courtesy of Haiti Team USA’s greatest forwards have had their lives and careers forever altered by Haitian politics.
Is This a Jabulani I See Before Me? 2010: In the last minutes of Sunday's match between Brazil and Côte d’Ivoire, a suspicious incident of playacting went...
Maximilian’s Ghost When occupier takes on occupied, it’s independence day all over again for Mexico vs. France.
The Man from Zurich Spain may be a soccer powerhouse, but it was a nineteenth-century Swiss accountant who first brought the game to Barcelona.
Not For Glory Alone The beautiful game is unwilling to give up its charms easily, leaving its best players scoreless and its best teams often without a win.
Win, Lose, or Draw 2010: As the non-elimination group stage of the World Cup barrels along, it’s not the wins or losses that are...
Your Team Here Just in case you haven’t heard the shouts from around the world, the World Cup begins today and LQ will be watching.
Cow Skin 1891 / Kashmir
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